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Our Mobile app customers simply don’t just buy the Apps. Hence, in a business one needs to encourage them by developing an experience for their brand value. We, therefore, work on the designing procedure which is customer-focused, approved, innovative and methodical technique to meet all the mobile app targets.
Perfection in every pixel
Square Bits in addition provides it to every employee of its firm who is working hard enough on their thoughts as well as their strategies to foster the best outcome of new, additional and innovative ideas and hence turning them into reality.
Homework AI
HomeWork AI is an academic companion app that meets the power of Artificial Intelligence. The app boasts different modules such as Scan & Solve that enables one to swiftly conquer the assignments. Moreover, users are provided with different pre-placed Tasks comprising of different prompts tailored to your needs. Furthermore, AI Teacher- your go-to guru is there to provide expert insights on any topic.
Tattoo AI
Tattoo AI is an innovative app powered by artificial intelligence, aimed at helping users design tattoos tailored to their preferred themes or purposes, categorized within the application. Users have the flexibility to select various parameters such as style (e.g., Realism, B&W, Realistic), output type, ratio, color style, and more for customizing their tattoo designs. The app is organized into three main sections, each serving distinct functions.
Auto ParkIt
AUTOParkit is a fully automated parking garage which requires no operator to park (store) or retrieve vehicles. It operates upon request by a user and is oftentimes referred to as an Automated Parking System. No one enters your vehicle so the entire process is touchless. It selects the best stall location eliminating the frustrating experience of hunting for an available parking space. This saves you time and fuel. This is also good for the environment since each car is turned off while it is in the AUTOParkit rack storage.
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Grow Your Career
We invest in our people. Square Bits offers comprehensive training programs, mentorship opportunities, and support for continuous learning to help you reach your full potential.
Be Innovative & Creative
Be part of something bigger. We foster a collaborative and creative work environment where your ideas can make a real difference in cutting-edge AI and IoT solutions.
Diversity & Inclusion
We value different perspectives. Square Bits is committed to building an inclusive workplace that welcomes people from all backgrounds and experiences.
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We recognize your talent. Square Bits offers competitive compensation packages and a comprehensive benefits program to reward your hard work and dedication.
Investing in Design Prototyping for making your concept real
Developing of software usually gives rise to numerous questions like:
  • Is the software developed worthy enough?
  • Is the available application easy to use?
Therefore most of the new dealers are not well aligned enough for a definite vision - or the vision that is not the reality. Thus, all your aligns and queries are answered based on real vision appropriately prior to starting with the development of your concept.
Getting access to Industry’s Top Designers through our Cost competitive Hiring Models
We know how annoying this pain can be. So, with our prototyping design services we help you validate how your web platform or mobile application will turn into an asset for users and how your software will be a delight for users.
Reducing the Risk by Developing Prototype Service Designs
Developing software is therefore a perplexing procedure that requires better communication, frequent experiments, and great understanding. Therefore, it can be a very much time-consuming, costlier, and irritating endeavour in case it develops with the 5 wrong versions of the websites to understand whether the 6th version is ideal or not.
Why choose prototype designing and Wireframe?
Create Impact With Every Touch Point Of Users On Any Device
Wireframe Prototyping
It is specifically used in agile enterprises and startups where there is collaborative product design as well as development. Hence, it is very crucial how the information layout is structured.
Storyboard Prototyping
It is a methodology that comprises pictures of sketches to demonstrate an end-to-end result for the user. Hence, it is used for design feedback and conceptual ideas in the design process.
Product Design
Product Development & Prototyping Services is conceptualizing, iterating, testing, and refining the product for the user to use. It requires significant time at every step as it is a blend of research and innovative ideas.
Rapid Prototyping
This technique assists in producing physical objects layered directly from computer-aided designs. Hence, these techniques allow designers to produce tangible prototype designs.
It is a status design of a web page that features many of the final designs of the elements. Hence, it is a conceptual tool that is used for web development.
Digital Prototyping
This technique is used to create product designs in 3D. It gives a way to assist the functions of the moving parts in determining the product's durability. Hence it involves the movement of the system or parts using the software.
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