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At Square Bits, we're obsessed with transforming your dreams into groundbreaking software. We're your one-stop shop for custom magic - specializing in web and mobile app development.

We empower startups and fast-growing tech companies with dedicated engineering teams. Our focus? Building scalable products that not only function flawlessly but also captivate your users. Our highly skilled developers have years of experience crafting award-winning applications for startups, small businesses, and enterprise giants. We're the alchemists who transform your ideas into mobile masterpieces.

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We Speak Your Language
No matter what your product vision is, the skilled professionals at Square Bits possess the stack fluency and platform knowledge to bring it to life. For years now, our team has remained on the forefront of innovation, putting solutions into practice to suit even the most unique needs and requirements.
Homework AI Logo
Homework AI
HomeWork AI is an academic companion app that meets the power of Artificial Intelligence. The app boasts different modules such as Scan & Solve that enables one to swiftly conquer the assignments. Moreover, users are provided with different pre-placed Tasks comprising of different prompts tailored to your needs. Furthermore, AI Teacher- your go-to guru is there to provide expert insights on any topic.
Homework AI Preview 1
Homework AI Preview 2
Homework AI Preview 1
Homework AI Preview 2
Homework AI Preview 3
Homework AI more image 1
Homework AI more Image 2
Homework AI more Image 1
Tattoo AI Logo
Tattoo AI
Tattoo AI is an innovative app powered by artificial intelligence, aimed at helping users design tattoos tailored to their preferred themes or purposes, categorized within the application. Users have the flexibility to select various parameters such as style (e.g., Realism, B&W, Realistic), output type, ratio, color style, and more for customizing their tattoo designs. The app is organized into three main sections, each serving distinct functions.
Tattoo AI Device
Tattoo AI Preview 1
Tattoo AI Preview 2
Tattoo AI Preview 3
Tattoo AI more image 1
Tattoo AI more Image 2
Tattoo AI more Image 1
Auto ParkIt Logo
Auto ParkIt
AUTOParkit is a fully automated parking garage which requires no operator to park (store) or retrieve vehicles. It operates upon request by a user and is oftentimes referred to as an Automated Parking System. No one enters your vehicle so the entire process is touchless. It selects the best stall location eliminating the frustrating experience of hunting for an available parking space. This saves you time and fuel. This is also good for the environment since each car is turned off while it is in the AUTOParkit rack storage.
Auto ParkIt Device
Auto ParkIt Preview 1
Auto ParkIt Preview 2
Auto ParkIt Preview 3
Auto ParkIt more image 1
Auto ParkIt more Image 2
Auto ParkIt more Image 1
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What we do ??

From digital strategy to your CMS and technology stack, we create a plan of implementation for you to sustainably grow your business. Square Bits is a creative software development and web development company that delivers solutions to provide measurable business values for our clients.

Are your systems, devices, applications, and websites all working together for better products, processes, and customer engagement?

Our specialists can make that happen effortlessly. We have several areas of expertise, such as:
Web & App Development
Be it hybrid or native apps for Android or iOS, data-driven full-stack web apps or enterprise-grade software, our Agile mobile app development, full-stack, DevOps and QA engineers build, test, deploy, and support bespoke solutions. Our software solutions are simultaneously compatible with multiple platforms.
Design Thinking, UX & UI Design
UX & UI is all about user experience. UX design considers how simple it is for a user to accomplish their task while UI design is the look, feel, and presentation of a product or serv- ice. Our design professionals apply UX & UI design to a variety of projects such as websites, mobile apps, modernizations and mock-ups.
Scale Your Team
At Square Bits, we have a team for multidisciplinary design and development that allows you to scale and upgrade your team, product, quality and velocity. Our experts work tirelessly in a podular structure and integrate impeccably with your team, process and workflow to help meet your needs and requirements.
Blockchain and AI
The team of qualified professionals at Square Bits has the expertise to harness Blockchain and AI to disrupt Fintech, Logistics and Healthcare. From NFT marketplaces to Smart Contracts for Decentralized Apps, our veterans for Machine Learning, data scientists and Blockchain make the products of clients better.
What we offer
We are fully focused to solve your business challenges. No matter the technology or architecture, we will find the most optimal solution and deliver a ready-to-operate product.
Mobile App Development
Craft engaging and feature-rich mobile apps for iOS and Android.
iOS App Development image
iOS App Development
Android App Development image
Android App Development
Flutter App Development image
Flutter App Development
React Native image
React Native
Web Development
Build modern, responsive websites that deliver exceptional user experiences.
Full Stack Development image
Full Stack Development
CMS Development image
CMS Development
MEAN Development image
MEAN Development
MERN Development image
MERN Development
Product Design
Design intuitive and user-centric products that solve real-world problems.
Responsive Web Design image
Responsive Web Design
Mobile App Design image
Mobile App Design
Wireframes & Prototypes image
Wireframes & Prototypes
Logo Design image
Logo Design
Emerging Technology
Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge solutions in emerging technologies.
Blockchain image
Internet of Things (IoT) image
Internet of Things (IoT)
Artificial Intelligence image
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning image
Machine Learning
Q/A (Manual/Auto)
Ensure flawless performance with rigorous testing and quality control measures.
Functionality Testing image
Functionality Testing
Regression Testing image
Regression Testing
Integration Testing image
Integration Testing
UAT (User Acceptance Testing) image
UAT (User Acceptance Testing)
Cloud Computing
Unlock the power and scalability of the cloud to optimize your business operations.
Amazon Web Services image
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure image
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud image
Google Cloud
Digital Ocean image
Digital Ocean
Industries in Focus
More than 25+ Industries we have worked and still continue...
Why choose Us ?
Empowering you with superior end-to-end digital transformation solutions
60% Faster Development
Enterprise Enabled
Compliance Driven
Smooth Deployment
Best in Class Contingency Plan
Strict Adherence on SLA
Our Clients
We've been very grateful to partner with some of the best clients from all over the globe.
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Highlights of Our Success Story
Here is a glimpse of what we have achieved so far with our collective efforts. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at our work and be the judge.
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What set us apart ?

"Square bits has helped us with all kinds of developments and acquisition plans. They quickly familiarised themselves with the business, industry, and products. The team maintains strong control of the timelines and budget but remains open to changes and our requests".

James William

James William

Jexmon, CT

Skills We Are Proud Of
A clean and top quality work is hallmark of our skills. Our team cannot resist to work on yesterday’s stack. We always ready to write the new phase of digital transformation with our skills in web, mobile and cloud.
Web platform
Mobile platform
Wearable platform
IoT platform
Blockchain platform

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    After analyzing your business requirements, our sales manager would approach you within a few days.
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    Meanwhile, to ensure the highest privacy level, we thus sign an NDA.
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    Our pre-sales manager will therefore present you with an approximate timeline and the project estimates.

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